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Project Description

Kitty Colchester

Kitty Colchester is a second generation Organic Farmer in Drumeen in Co. Kilkenny. When Ben converted the Farm, it became one of the first licenced Organic Farms in Ireland. His daughter Kitty has also secured the Colchester name for the table with her award winning Irish Organic extra virgin rapeseed oil which she grows, cold presses and bottles. Ever since Kitty produced her first harvest and gave it to us here in Macreddin, we have been using Drumeen Organic Rapeseed Oil. The ZER0KM Project requires that we will have to grow the rapeseed and cold press it for the oil here just for one ZER0KM Dinner. Kitty will guide us through the full process, from seed to oil, that will act as a vital part of the ZER0KM Dinner.

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