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Project Description

Liam Fanning

Liam Fanning’s Farm is just down the road and being right beside us within the ZER0KM parameters and once again is a perfect example of how we all network here as neighbours in Macreddin. Liam is a dairy farmer and engages in best practice with his medium sized dairy herd. Liam’s herd produces dairy only through the fresh grass season and this suits us perfectly for ZER0KM as all our dairy produce will be grass-fed. ZER0KM will be required to pasteurise and produce all the Butter, Cream, Milk, Cheese, Buttermilk, Whey etc. for this unique ZER0KM Dinner here in Macreddin.

Silke Cropp from Corleggy Cheeses in County Cavan will be assisting Macreddin and Liam with these dairy requirements for the ZER0KM Dinner.

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