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Project Description

Mary Regan

Mary Regan’s Organic Farm is just outside Enniscorthy in County Wexford. The Farm is just 45 acres and the Regan’s specialise in Organic Poultry and Pork. We have worked with Mary ever since she converted to Organic. As a poultry farmer, she has an outstanding knowledge of duck and chicken rearing and the correct poultry husbandry required. Their business is also unique in that they now operate their own small poultry abattoir. Macreddin has always supported small abattoirs, not just through our Kitchen doors but also by naming them with importance on all our   menus. Small farmers that produce poultry really need the Mary Regan’s of this world to assist them with getting their produce to the table. The ZER0KM Project necessitates that all poultry required is raised to best farming standards here in Macreddin. Mary’s unique skills will be essential to assist with this important part of the ZER0KM Dinner.

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